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Specializing in Usui Reiki



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Reiki Session with Elizabeth

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (15)

Working with friends can be a little awkward but also less pressure at the same time. Today i worked with a good friend Elizabeth. Her boyfriend is a Dj that i have worked with for years doing music together. I came to there house in the morning ready to work. I set up in the living room with enough space to move around. Liz was very jolly that morning filled with energy. Her dog Bella was very excited to running around and jumping up and down at her because she wanted to play. I set up pretty quickly laying out my table and putting on the sheets. I had liz lay down on the table and began to question her about issues that she has. She told me that she works in the local supermarket and has alot of stress on her shoulders and arms from lifting all day. That is all she really wants me to focus on, so i began to scan the body from touching the top of her head. I get some signs of which areas to focus on and what side of the body needs work more than the other.  I work her shoulders and neck area for a good 15min moving from right to left after work the shoulders i work the arms and hands at the same time, by holding her top shoulder and the hand the same time, to move the energy down and out of the hand. I continue to work down the body to the knees, and feet. Once i finish up, i wake liz to ask what she felt. She told me she did experience warm tingling, some heat, and cold air release from parts of the shoulder. After i finished i filmed a quick video summary of her experience and asked her would she do it again, she responded yes definetly. Another satisfied customer!

Reiki Session with Erin

Posted on January 26, 2015 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I had a session with a friend of mine name Erin, who was a 1 1/2 of a photo team that i had used for my wedding. I got to the home presented with optimal space to use in two areas either in the living room or in the basement. Her husband was upstairs painting and they had taken there two kids to there mother's home to have some peace and quiet in the home, which is what i need to do my work. I chose the basement because it was enough room with some dark areas to work in low light and the heat had it nice and cosy.  I set up my table, music and new portable stool. Before i began i asked Erin what type of issues she had. She tolds me being a dental hygentist for years, she experiences alot of lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Then i ask what is her comfort level of touch, just to make sure im not touching someone who does not like to be touched from strangers. So i began to do my work from the top down, starting at the top of the head, i always scan the body by touching the head, this gives me a reading of the entire body, to feel what issues the client may not be aware of. From there i start to work under the neck and back at the same time and then moving to shoulders. As the music plays in the background i see that she is becoming more comfortable as i work. its always a little awkward for me in the begining touching another persons body that you are not close to. I work arm to arm and then to work the back issues, i have Erin flip over on her stomach to place hands on the lower back region and middle back to work those areas simultaneously. I began to feel lots of heat from the lower back telling me thats where she has a lot of pain issues. I keep my right hand on that area to really work it deeply to release alot of the stress, while confinuing to move my left hand up to each shoulder region working those areas.  Once im done with the back, i flip Erin back over to work on her knees and legs since she works on her feet most of the day. Once i finish i wake Erin up to give her some water and ask her about her experience. She looks very refreshed like she woke up from a great sleep. Im happy that she had a great first time Reiki session and that it was a good friend who could provide her with that experience.

How Reiki Assists with Weight Loss

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Each chakra is assigned responsibility for a specific body function and has an emotional anchor within as well. The three main chakras that can affect your weight are the spleen, solar plexus and throat. The spleen chakra, located on the abdomen, under the belly button also controls social and intimacy issues. An imbalance here can attribute to depression, substance abuse and impotency. The solar plexus chakra can be found on the stomach, above the navel. Your self-confidence is tied into this chakra and blockage has been found in those who also suffer with digestive problems and diabetes. The throat chakra also relates to confidence and your ability to express yourself. Physical imbalances can include thyroid irregularities, bloating and hormonal disorders.

1st Reiki Session with Ms. Yearwood and daughter

Posted on January 21, 2015 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (4)

Ms Yearwood was very happy after her reiki session. When. I got there her daughter had the soca music playing loud. I told her you gonna have to cut that off and let me play my calming music lol:). Her mother said her shoulder was so tight and stiff she could not move her arm. I worked it as well as her knees and back. She said god bless you boy with those healing hands after I was done. She was able to move the arm no problem feeling good. She fell into a deep sleep and woke up feeling better from when we started. Her daughter was impressed and had me work on her for 30 min complained about her cough/bronchitis issues,fibroids and back pain. She felt better and said my hands got so hot. I told her that was all the pain I was working on in her back. They both decided after to schedule me once a month for sessions. Today was a great day. Her daughter refused to take a pic lol:P So begins my journey of healing and helping people.I'm very excited about this new journey in my life.